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Maryam Myika Day


Meet the Actor, Writer and

Reinvention Strategist

Three years ago, I faced the hardest challenge of my life and was forced to turn my pain into power. The universe pushed me to change my core, as a result, I built a consultancy that provides strategy, support and creative vision to international brands including: Microsoft, LionsGate, Mar Vista Entertainment and more. By galvanizing my pain I reimagined a path of fulfilling possibilities. You can do the same.




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My journey has informed me on the best ecosystems by which I work with you.

Using my profound loss to synthesize pain to power, I give tools and life-affirming strategies to retool, rebirth and soul shift your life course. It’s not easy, but if you are willing to grow, the soul shift will happen and these tools will you get there. Take the first step join our mailing list.


With Tracee ellis Ross


2019 Television Academy of Arts & Sciences nominee Party


2019 Essence of a boss Conference — NYC


With Elaine Welteroth


with global Citizen’s Xiomara Small


Bringing more dreams to reality. August 29, 2019

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The Brooklyn Children’s Museum will host D. Aiken and Associates’ client soiree. I hope you can, JOIN US THERE!


No matter where you go there you are. So, give in, love yourself, wholly and completely.
— Maryam Myika Day