Aire : Ancient Baths + Self Care

My journey back to me started sometime ago; not a conscious decision, it simply just happened.  I started traveling, then taking care of my body with therapy, treatments and skin care.  Next I did psychotherapy to heal my soul.

Finding a loved one has suddenly died is a shock to the system.  One may experience varying ranges of PTSD.  It is important to manage your care and grief by first acknowledging it's there in the first place, then trying to figure out what is needed to help.  

This week I experience AIRE: bath house in TriBeCa NYC.  Hidden deep down on Franklin Street, this one of a kind bath house is an oasis of tranquility exclusively designed to balance mind and body. Located at a restored historical building, originally an 1883 textile factory, the AIRE experience consists of an unforgettable journey through sensations across the various baths with water at different temperatures that will transport you to the ancient times of the Roman, Greek and Ottoman traditions.

Needless to say it was amazing.  I left feeling tranquil, satisfied and new.  I started my day by arriving early and hydrating.  I drank 2 - 8oz glasses of water and quickly changed into a bathing suit and swim shoes to begin my treatments.  The first plunge happened in a salt pool designed to cleanse and purify.  Because the water is saturated with salt, your body will float.  RELAX and let the calming waters heal your soul.  Then I made my way to the high powered jet whirlpool room, where my body took a beating it needed.  For every minute inside the whirlpool I felt a layer of spiritual weight lift.  Then I plunged deep inside the cold water pool -- temperatured at 50ยบ.  This ice cold bath is designed to shock and restore the body, tighten skin and refresh blood cells.  Immediately after I headed to the warming bath which felt like heavenly warm blanket all over my body.  For the next hour I drove in, relaxed and repeat.  

Finishing the day with a deep tissue massage, put me in the perfect even state. Self Care Mission Accomplished.  

My self care tip of the week: experience the luxury of AIRE: ancient baths.  Don't over book your day, give yourself time to relax and restore.  Find a friend to enjoy with or simply take yourself out for a day of tranquility.

If you are not in the New York City local area and want to see a list of recommended urban baths houses near you click here.