Wellness Wednesday + YOU!

Everyone knows how important it is to take care of themselves so I won't bog down this blog post with a bunch of mantras and reprimands demanding self care.  Instead, I want to talk about spiritual wellness that starts with you.

Everyone can’t be in your front row, some will have to see you from the nose bleeds.

Recently, I have been forced to acknowledge that someone who calls themselves a friend to me is not a friend at all.  What was even more enlightening about this information is that they really do believe they are my friend in fact, they believe that they have done nothing but "friendly behavior".  Choosing my words wisely, behavior is the root of the wellness of being that has shed light on this Wellness Wednesday.   We all follow patterns, scripts and "behaviors" that allow us to believe we are acting one way or another.  But is it not the behavior that is us but rather the true self showing up and being present in each and ever moment.  Your true light body is the true self which attacks others.  If your light body is just "behaving" your are not showing up.

This Wellness Wednesday is about cutting off the pseudo-self and acknowledging first we are our own friend and champion.  We must look inside our circles and decide who deserves to be in our front row; some of your "friends" will simply have to see you from the nose bleeds.  Loving from afar does not mean cutting off but know your limits and define them clearly for yourself.  Finally, be honest with yourself, deep down you know exactly who your friends are!



Maryam DAY