Let's date...

Not everyone you date will understand what makes you great.

Sooooo I will not confirm or deny my own personal dating status but trust me, I am an authority on this one.  

Dating comes in all forms, from relationship traditional dating to courting job prospects to figuring out your PCP is the right match to care for your physical and mental health needs.  Dating matters.  But the one thing we fail to remember is sometimes the mate you want doesn't necessarily want you (*shrugs shoulders). Lackluster interest translates to no interest...

In fact, we most often take for granted that what we desire in turn desires us, when there is a genuine possibility that our potential match has a completely different idea in mind.

Humans are complexed and overwhelmed with options.  Overloaded systems do not allow for individuals to focus on one good thing at a time.  It can easily make one feel discouraged, rejected or insecure.  When faced with the challenge of not receiving all that you deserved in any relationship no matter the capacity -- you can do one simple thing: nothing.

There is nothing you can do to make someone see the greatness in you, it is their blinders to remove.  Understanding that there is freedom in nothing encourages more self reliance and plenty more greatness.   Standing firmly in the self will attrack the right mate to you making your "dating" life exactly what it needs to be. And no matter what, the goal is for you to always and in all ways see YOU clearly.