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"Know who you are then make her better."


In 2015, I had one very life changing moment the birth of my daughter.  Nothing prepares you for motherhood and a working woman no doubt has to juggle so many aspects of life.  My baby was perfect in every way.  My life had all I needed, married, successful, and whole.

Eight months later,  my husband of 10 years, died suddenly.  

I'm a survivor.  This is a site for survivors like me.  This place will detail my journey out of the darkness of grief and into a new life of widowhood, single motherhood, my career updates, new loves and rediscovering joy. Check out my bio news and The Ascenscion Blog to see how I've taken an unthinkable tragedy and made it into my life's most humbling and intimate journey of growth.

This can only happen with support, thank you for supporting me.

Much love,



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