My Story

In 2015, I faced my biggest challenge to date, forced to give birth to my daughter prematurely, at 30 weeks gestation via emergency C-section. This event nearly costed me my life. My baby came with no life inside of her, resuscitated with the grace of God and the hands at UCLA Medical facility she lived. Shortly after, just 8 months later my husband suddenly, and unexpectedly died; a turn of events I never saw coming. I birthed a human being and lost my forever partner all in one year. Life hit hard.

After struggling with trauma, PTSD, memory loss and tremendous grief I was changed to my core. At that period of time I felt lost, defeated and continued to feel like I my skin was on fire. There was nothing that could help me out of that darkness, until one day I woke up and had a soul shift. In early 2019, after feeling like I had been asleep for years and knew it was time to take my healing seriously.

Through therapy, self-care and lots of work on my soul healing, I have come out on the other side. Ironically, when I got there I realized my circles had changed, my peers were different, I had new friends and life truly did not look the same. This new person staring back at me had decided to turn her pain into power. My mission was to build myself back up to be a sought-after actor, screenwriter, reinvention strategist and adventure seeker — I have achieved just that. I am now consulting for Fortune 500 companies like MICROSOFT, Mar Vista Entertainment, AMDA — American College and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, College of the Canyons, Career Transition for Dancers and more. Challenging pain to power, I have composed screenwriting properties for Kat Graham, Sundance Institute and others.

Like you, I was afraid, scared, and not certain of how to move forward. Like you, I had to dig down deep to find the things that have always been there: strength, hope and courage.

Let help come to you by finding your inflection point. I can show you the tools that helped me learn how to reinvent myself to find a new voice. Ready to begin your journey to self awareness and reinvention? I’m here — let’s do this.